Package 1 River

One day of predator fishing, on a picturesque river in Holland.

Ideal as an initiation, this is a very relax way to get to know predator fishing. We will mainly do trolling, but we will catch the fish in the handrod. This way adrenaline is guaranteed as the predators will always attack the lure within our eye sight! From time to time we will stop at a hotspot and discover other fishing techniques, like casting and vertical fishing. This experience will stand out under the sign of nature, catch & release fishing and discovery!
So summertime is rivertime !!!

Product Details
Package 1

1 Day
1-2 guests
Pike, Perch, Zander, Asp, Catfish
Trolling, Spin fishing, Vertical fishing, Casting
All levels
English, French, German and Dutch
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What we'll do

This experience will stand out under the sign of nature, catch & release fishing and discovery! We shall explore and discover Holland by water with the RubyBass, along small canals and beautiful rivers, surrounded with magnificent waterhouses and villas of all kind, while admiring the rural scenery and the wildlife, with the numerous animals and species who live in that environment. We will practice different techniques or we will also be able to focus on a very specific technique, or even on a particular species of fish according to your desires. We will mainly do trolling, but from time to time we will change to the electric motor to prospect the hotspots in casting, or an interesting structure in vertical. There is virtually no limit to the possibilities of the RubyBass, so prepare for a day of fishing like you've never known!

The advantage with river or canal fishing in this region is that the majority of the Dutch only fish these waters very little, preferring to concentrate the hunt for predators on the immense lakes of the country. The result is an incredible density of fish, almost never caught. In addition it is a form of fishing accessible to all from beginners to experts through to amateurs; everyone will find happiness there. For my part, I will make this session an experience totally suited to your desires, your goals and your level, so do not hesitate to come with family or friends, I will make sure to meet your expectations! Important note : father and sons/daughters get a special package price !!!



08:00 AM. The appointment starts at the boat ramp, which we choose and provided the address of, upfront. We take some time to get aquainted and we discuss the tactics and the action plan of the day while having a coffee.


Let’s go fishing!

As soon as we discussed our action plan of the day, we will take place in the RubyBass to go and chase the numerous predators that are hosted in the rivers and canals of Holland. The guide will do his utmost best to put the good fortune at your side, with plentyful of tips and different techniques using equipment on top of technologie. His years of experience in the surroundings will teach you some of the secrets and he will be more than happy to share his knowledge with you, to provide you an unforgettable experience. Remember : Share Your Passion is our moto. Around 12:00 AM we will have a break, on the water, enjoying our lunch package and doing a little briefing on how our day progresses, and we discuss in which way we can adjust or even improve in the afternoon.
Than we continue our fishingday, usually returning and doing the other side of the river on our way back.

Heading Back

See you soon!

After a long day of fishing it is time to say goodbye. Usually around 16:00 we get back to the boat ramp. This timing can be freely adjusted in convenience for the customer. If fishing is genuinly exceptional, we can decide in mutual consultation, to carry on, even until dark, even in the long days during summer. From 16:00 on, if extended, an additional fee will aply (fixed hourrate 50,00 per hour), please consult your guide on this.
We sure hope you will leave with your head full of memories and we will provide you with a load of pictures to show your beloveds what an unforgettable day you experienced.

Where we'll go

We go on a discovery journey in the middle of Holland, region situated around Rotterdam in the south-east of Holland. We fish mainly in the smaller rivers and canals, between 10 and 50 meters large, not often fished by other boats and plentyful in all aspects.

The water in those surroundings is in general very clear, and the presence of weed beds, waterlillies and reeds make it a perfect biotope for reproduction and growing up of lots of fishing species, in special also for our primary target : the pike!

What’s included

What’s excluded

Fishing seasons

  • Transport from Belgium Melle to fishing location
  • Departure at 06:00 AM
  • Coffee and Breakfast at the boatramp
  • Fishing gear : Rods, reels and lures‍
  • Fuel‍
  • Fishing license‍
  • Professional Guide
  • Lunchpack and fresh drinks
  • Fully equiped bass boat : the RubyBass
  • Expected returntime at Melle : 19:00 PM (could depend on weather conditions and traffic)
  • Alcohol
  • Tips for the guide
  • January
  • February
  • March

  • Juin
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October
  • November
  • December
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