Package 2 Big Lake

One day of predator fishing, on the Mighty Volkerak, HaringVliet or Hollands Diep in Holland

We will discover the big lakes of the Netherlands on a ship worthy even the greatest fishermen! Indeed baptised the RubyPike, it is equipped with two fish buns and two very royal casting decks. It is not without reason they call it «The ultimate fishing platform »

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Package 2

1 Day
2-3 guests
Pike, Zander, Perch, Catfish, Asp
Freshwater, Trolling, Spin,Vertical Casting and Pelagic fishing
English, French, German and Dutch
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What we'll do

We will discover the big lakes of the Netherlands on a ship worthy even the greatest fishermen! Indeed baptised the RubyPike, it is equipped with two fish buns and two very royal casting decks. It is not without reason they call it «The ultimate fishing platform ». Rewarded for its perfect stability and security, it will suit perfectly for our adventures. Our fishing will mostly be dedicated to catch big fish since the region of the big Dutch lakes is known to host record breaking fish as seen on the program of Perch Pro on the Youtube Also big zanders and meterpikes are amongst the possible catches, and as of the Volkerak : it is known for the biggest pikes in Europe, several 130+ fishes are landed every year ! You already understood it, this session shall combine “la pêche sportive” as wel as the exploration. The lakeside contains all what is needed to make you live the most beautiful sensations, but also the region is known for its large natural spaces and its preserved nature. We shall be lucky to fish all through the day, without leaving the water for a break, thus entitling us to practice and alternate several techniques, with trolling to allow us to fish continously. We will take you to the very fishy spots while giving you advice and tips and tricks to optimise your efficacy, or even deepdive into a technique you wish to perfectionise.


Together we decided on the chosen fishing location, so we join each other there at the boat ramp, or you can join us at our premises at Melle (near Gent) and drive with us towards the place to be.In any case, we will take the time to get acquainted and discuss the tactical approach of our day considering your wishes, needs and the local circumstances.


As soon as the action plan has been decided, we will departure with the RubyPike. Aiming for the numerous predators to be found in these Dutch waters. We will do our very best to get the fortune at your side, with plenty of tips and with the very best top quality fishing gear. Always run the extra mile is our motto.

Heading Back

After a long day of fishing, hopefully very successful, time has come to say goodbye. Usually around 16:00 we get back to the boat ramp. This timing can be freely adjusted in convenience for the customer. If fishing is genuinly exceptional, we can decide in mutual consultation, to carry on, even until dark, even in the long days during summer. From 16:00 on, if extended, an additional fee will aply (fixed hourrate 50,00 per hour), please consult your guide on this.
We sure hope you will leave with your head full of memories and we will provide you with a load of pictures to show your beloveds what an unforgettable day you experienced.

Where we'll go

The big lakes of the Netherlands, the paradise for all us sports fishermen, in particular when you are in love with big perches, pikes zanders. In the south-ouest of the Netherlands, one can find the most important lakes for predator fishing of the whole European région. Just below Rotterdam, the estuairium can be found of the river the Maas and the Waal, just flowing towards the Biesbosch and finishing into the Hollands Diep. This huge lake splits up into two parts : the HaringVliet and below the Volkerak, which continues into the Grevelingenmeer before ending up in the North Sea. It’s in those big lakes we will adventure the totality of our day! The Volkerak is a lake of over 4.500 hectares and more than 20 km². We started fishing here more than 15 years ago when it was very well known for quantities of zander. Although the numbers have been down, nowadays the Volkerak beholds fishes of exceptional quality, as well as some of the biggest perches  and record breaking pikes! The Hollands Diep is also a very large lake, approm. 4.000 hectares,  and typically a zanders water. But often underestimated as a rich pike place. Vertical fishing is the top here, so for the lovers of this technique : it’s the place to be! Finally we can also explore the Haringvliet, which is a magnificent stretch of water of over 4000 hectares, connected to the Hollands Diep at the one side, and at the North Sea at the other. this lake offers the most versatile possibilitie for fishing : lots of zandres, huge perches, quality asp and quality pike. And if you are very lucky even albino catfish are caught here. If you are looking to practice multi-techniques and targeting differents species, let’s concentrate overhere then.

What’s included

What’s excluded

Fishing seasons

  • Transport from Belgium Melle to fishing location
  • Departure at 06:00 AM
  • Coffee and Breakfast at the boatramp
  • Fishing gear : Rods, reels and lures‍
  • Fuel‍
  • Fishing license‍
  • Professional Guide
  • Lunchpack and fresh drinks
  • Fully equiped bass boat : the RubyPike
  • Expected returntime at Melle : 19:00 PM (could depend on weather conditions and traffic)
  • Alcohol
  • Tips for the guide
  • January
  • February
  • March
  • Juin
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October
  • November
  • December
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