You can easily love the Netherlands as well as Ireland as splendid countries, pieces of outstanding beautiful nature,   a green environment with a wealth of fauna and flora...
 But for several decades now, we have loved them passionately for their unleashed savage pikes !



The mission of this site is to offer a hitch free, world-class fishing trip to all our clients, thus exposing them to the diverse fishing opportunities available in the Netherlands and Ireland. This in an adventurous but safe way with full respect for mother nature using the most modern equipped bass boats or a gorgeously silent and even 'good-for-your-health' ship : a belly boat !


the best guided experience
We've been fishing the venues since 1984, year after year improving and innovating the techniques, all to insure that our clients sample the finest pike-fishing available on planet Earth.
the best fishing hotspots
We delicately select the fishing regions, lakes and hotspots considering the local conditions, the desired fishing techniques and the targeted species, all adapted to the whishes of the clients.
best time of the year
Folowing the seasons we pick the rivers or lakes which suit best the time of the year. The month of May is beyond any doubt the best month to go pike fishing by belly boat in Ireland. Weather conditions and vegetation are at their best, pike are at their wildest !!!


We'do our utmost best to digitalize everything, no more paper in our offices or our company procedures.
Lead is toxic and very bad for nature. We go the extra mile to ban all lead from our fishing.
Zero Emission
We would like to evolve towards a zero emission company. But this is complex and not limited to electric cars and boats when market is ready. Allready today, solar panels provide 100% of the energy needed in our offices. But there is so much more we can do!


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