NEW : Sublime Cateringpartner since 2021

Piet takes care of the most delicious 'Cucina Italiana'.
Visit his website click here
All catering has to be choosen and ordered 7 days upfront of your arrival
Choice of Soups :
(also to choose with the lunchpackage on the boat)
*Thick peas soup, bacon, slices of smoked sausage, big breadcrumbs (separately)
*Strong minestrone with deboned meatribs
*Tomatosoup, celery, meatballs (lots!)

Choice of Main dishes :
All main courses are accompagnied with approriate potatoes and vegetables preparations
All main courses are per person vacuum and pasteurised
Only to warm up in the bag or to pour onto an ovenplate and conventionally warm up

*Ossobuco alle Milanese
*Flemish carbonades with brown lager
*Pork cheek stew, sweet and sour onions
*Loaf of veal, mushrooms, carrots
*Roasted chicken breast hunter sauce (bacon, mushrooms, salame)
*Vol au vent of guinea fowl, veal, parsnip and meatballs
*Fish (cath of the day) 😉 bisquecream sauce, crayfish
*Steamed barrel rolls, capers, anchovies, butter sauce

Choice of Desserts :
* Chocolate mousse
* Flemish Vanilla pudding with speculoos
* Magnum alike ice-cream

Breakfast service Consisting of : Fresh orange juice, coffee or thea, Daily fresh bread, eggs, cheese and bacon, jam and croissants/patestry

Lunchpackage service Consisting of : Fresh soup and 2 french breads with spread or topping of your own choice, always abundantly bottles of water in the boat available

3 Coarse evening dinner Consisting of : Fresh soup, Main course of your choice and dessert


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